Portugal is way more than codfish

Written on 18th July 2017 by BT Money Transfers

Probably the first thing that comes into your mind when you think about Portugal is that little fish, the codfish, right? Probably, as well, you think that there’s a whole different culture to get to know in this beautiful country. So join us and get to know more about the Portugal and some of it’s interesting points.


What do they listen to?

Well, to get our tour started, we will stop and listen to a little bit of the traditional portuguese music, known as Fado. Being a musical genre native of Portugal, Fado has as Amália Rodrigues as the main representative, which is considered a portuguese musical diva, being, from then to now, the best-selling artist. Although Fado is typically portuguese, they are also interested in the african Kizomba and Zouk, native of Latin America.



What do they eat?

Considered one of the best cuisines in the world, the portuguese cuisine is filled with olive oil, the already known codfish, sardines and olives, being rich in flavor and quality. From north to south, one thing is clear: you’re going to have a great meal and enjoy the world-famous portuguese wines, which are not expensive and are recognized internationally, being considered one of the best wines in the whole world. As for the dessert, you can have a pastel de belém (or nata, as it is called in some places); having a pãozinho de ló de ovar or toucinho do céu are also great choices.


Where to go?

When in Portugal,it’s important not to miss certain cities. One of them is Lisbon , the capital and biggest city, that is located in a region filled with hills, that, together, give the whole

place a pleasant mood, with beautiful alleys and stores, the cathedral’s  gothic architecture, bright-coloured neighborhoods, all filled with the already mentioned Fado. Besides Lisbon, Algarve is also a can’t-miss, for it’s   mediterranean climate, astonishing beaches, historic sites and food so good that seems not from this world. Located at the south, Algarve is a banquet for the eyes, with it’s olive gardens, beautiful cliffs and it’s traditional villages, all in white. Also, don’t miss Obidos, Sintra, Madeira, Porto,  and a lot other great portuguese destinations.




A very important care that a tourist at Portugal has to take is with “being literal”. Portuguese take everything literally. If you said “you’re only taking a look” at a store’s showroom, don’t touch anything. After all, you said you were only taking a look. So, avoid trouble by avoiding being literal.


Well, now that we know Portugal is a thousand time bigger than just codfish, are we having pão de ló or  pastel de belém in Porto or Lisbon?

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