5 Things You Don’t Know About Living Abroad

Written on 20th July 2017 by BT Money Transfers

Living abroad can be a big step for some people, but for others, it can be a great opportunity for professional and personal growth. Make an exchange, wishing  to know other cultures, other people, to learn a new language, there are several reasons. However, it does require a lot of planning for things to happen without causing frustrations, and even with a whole map of actions to follow, there are points that many people don’t know about what life is like in another country which is not yours. We have listed 5 things that are true myths about living abroad.


You’re not home anymore

Yes, you are no longer home, or in your neighborhood, in your city, do you know what that means? That you no longer follow the rules you used to follow, but now you follow the rules of the country you are. Learning to cope with change can be threatening and challenging. For some people it seems easy, on the other hand there are those who constantly homesick.

Language is not yours

Living in another country no matter what cause, you are in a territory that does not speak your language. You may even master the language spoken there, but you will always be an outsider. Yes, it is inevitable, the issue is neither prejudice, but often bureaucratic issues.

Where have my identity gone?

Identity? Yes, identity. We’re not talking about your registration document that defines who you are bureaucratically. But your intellectual identity. A stranger in an unknown country needs to reinvent himself, do things he never thought to do, take on jobs he never thought to take on, among other issues, and in that, you build a new identity simply because you were not born there and your whole intellectual life belongs to somewhere else.

Not everything out there is easier to invest on

Many people think that in some countries material things like clothing and electronics are cheaper because of the different taxes charged. This is not always true. It depends on where you are, of course. Things in other countries may seem cheaper due to the devaluation currency or due to the currency overvaluation.

It does not always make your pocket or the experience richer

Sad but true. It is not because you left your hometown it means you will make a lot of money out there. Things are not as simple as it seems. Many people can’t raise the money they earn, that’s why they need to pay high bills, send money to their family, pay for courses, survive.

This part is the least of the problems, not everything goes the way you plan, but something you can’t let it happen: leave your country and not get rich experiences. Since you are somewhere else, then you should enjoy every minute of absorbing what is good in this country. Better than enriching in your pocket, is enriching your mind.

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